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Manso Brown Group (MBG) works to build organizational capacity to cultivate equity in professional, educational, and arts spaces. Through an examination of history, personal narrative, and contemporary events, our work seeks to unpack the individual and collective relationship to societal privilege, power, oppression, and liberation. We provide group workshops, one-on-one coaching, equity & inclusion consulting, and writing & editing services to help you reimagine policies, practices, and language that create and sustain inclusion and equity. 


Manso Brown Group (MBG) was founded by sisters, Danika and Kira Manso Brown. Danika and Kira are committed to adaptive and flexible practices to ensure that individual and organizational goals are developed and realized through an iterative, creative process that centers MBG clients. Our commitment to forging a more just world means helping you establish practices and policies that are comprehensive and sustainable. 


Danika Manso-Brown


Danika Manso-Brown is an equity and inclusion educator, speaker, consultant, and artist. Her work focuses on building organizational capacity to cultivate equity in arts, educational, and professional spaces. Much of Danika's professional work has been at the intersection of art, education, and social activism as a professional dancer and teaching-artist in her hometown NYC. She holds a B.A. from Duke University and a Master of Education from Harvard University in Education Policy & Management. 


Kira Manso Brown


Kira Manso Brown has worked and consulted for cultural and anti-poverty organizations and in the youth sports and SaaS worlds. Her work focuses on how gathering and community can be used to sustain and drive growth and engagement while creating inclusive, prosperous, and joyful experiences. Kira is skilled at in-person and virtual event and experience management in addition to brand-driven and social gatherings. She is a proud alumna of Columbia University and the Northfield Mount Hermon School where she serves on the Alumni Council’s DEI Committee. 

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